Website Content: Keep It Fresh

Keep It Fresh

Do you have a blog or website? There aren’t many businesses that don’t have websites these days. It’s almost like today’s calling card, and it’s rare to find an organization of any size that doesn’t have an internet address you can visit for information or shopping.

This is why keeping your content fresh is absolutely essential. If a potential customer sees that you still have last year’s Christmas sale posted in August, they will think, “Well, here’s a useless page. There’s nothing current on here.” If they find that your competitor has a page with fresh posts or reviews, they will likely be more attracted to that competitor.

Aside from the image that it projects, keeping new content on your page will also assist with search engine rankings.

That’s where blogging comes in. Frequent blog posts show that you are alive, active, and ready to do what you do, whatever that may be. Whether you have a car dealership, an office supply store, or a haunted tour bus, customers need to see that you are open and operating. When I am traveling with my family and looking for activities, I always go to Google to see what the top search results are. If I find a tour operator that has not posted any recent reviews or information in, say, a year or two, it makes me wonder whether they are still in business. I’m probably going to skip it and go to the next company.

Another thing a blog can do for you is show your potential customers how much you know. Show off your expertise a bit. Let them see that you know something about your industry. It may give you a competitive edge. “Hm, this guy sells widgets for twenty cents less. But this other guy over here seems to really know his widgets. I think I trust the guy who knows more rather than the one with cheaper widgets.” See what I mean?

If you’re uncertain how to come up with material or whether you have time for the task, you can hire a professional writer to write your blog posts for you. Contact me to ask how I can help you maintain your blog.

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