Writing Samples

Some of my current and past clients include:

Summerville D.R.E.A.M.

Summerville Visitor Center

Local Happiness

Charleston Bicycle Tours

City of Raleigh Planning Department

Various political campaigns in South Carolina


Sample #1: Press Release


November 18, 2014                                                  



Janyce Hursey, Executive Director

Summerville D.R.E.A.M.

218 S. Main Street, Summerville, SC  29483

843-821-7260 or jan@summervilledream.org


Summerville DREAM sponsors Christmas giving program for Pinelands group home

#DREAMgivingtree provides an outlet for citizens to give back to the community


Summerville, SC – Summerville DREAM is sponsoring Pinelands Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility & Group Care Intensive Services for the Christmas season.  Pinelands is a residential home for girls and boys ages 11-21 in three separate therapeutic settings.  Many children living in the facility are in such a situation that they may not receive Christmas presents from family or friends, so Summerville DREAM has set up a program for the community to help make sure that the children at Pinelands have a happy Christmas.


Each child has submitted a wish list, represented on an ornament on the #DREAMgivingtree in the Summerville DREAM office, located on the top floor of First Citizens Bank at 218 South Main Street in Summerville.  Citizens may drop by the Summerville DREAM office to pick up one of the ornaments and buy gifts for a child.  DREAM staff asks that participants return the gifts for the children, wrapped, marked with the name of the child and what the items are, by December 12, 2014.


When Jan Hursey, Executive Director of Summerville DREAM, heard that Pinelands was without a Christmas sponsor, she said, “Of course, DREAM was happy to step in.  Many people are not even aware that we have a group home in downtown Summerville.  This will provide an outlet for people in Summerville who are looking to give back to the community this season.”


Summerville DREAM is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life in Summerville by enhancing the aesthetic, cultural, social and economic aspects of the downtown area, while preserving its historic identity. More information is available at http://www.summervilledream.org

 # # #


Sample #2: From CAUSE magazine in 2011

Charleston: The Hand that Rocked the Cradle of Jazz

Charleston Jazz Initiative collects resources to assist artists raising awareness of South Carolina’s jazz culture.

When people hear the word “jazz,” they usually think of New Orleans.  But few know that Charleston actually had a significant impact on jazz music, mainly thanks to the Jenkins Orphanage Bands.  Cheraw, South Carolina is famous for giving the world Dizzy Gillespie.  But the names that came from Charleston and other parts of South Carolina were not necessarily huge celebrity names.  They were mostly the ensemble musicians in the background.  Freddie Green, a native Charlestonian, was Count Basie’s rhythm guitarist for fifty years.  Count Basie often said that Green set the pace of the Basie band, which defined American Swing Music.  Others like trumpeters Cat Anderson and Jabbo Smith were influential as well, but are not names one would readily recognize.  Charleston Jazz Initiative is a research project that documents the history of these important African American musicians from South Carolina.

In 2003, the Avery Research Center held a forum with local jazz artists who were connected with the Jenkins Orphanage Bands in the 1900’s.  Many community members who were present were amazed to learn the significant impact that these bands had on jazz music.  Inspired to learn more and educate the community at large, they asked Dr. Karen Chandler, an Associate Professor of Arts Management at College of Charleston, and Jack McCray, a jazz journalist, if they would continue the research and help document the untold story of the musicians who came from the Jenkins Orphanage.  “[CJI] was an outgrowth of a community response to an unwritten but glorious history of jazz in Charleston and SC,” says Dr. Chandler.

In partnership with the College of Charleston’s Arts Management Program and Avery Research Center, CJI seeks to archive information and artifacts related to Charleston’s influence on jazz.  Collecting old photographs, recordings, memorabilia and interviews, CJI provides a resource for those who wish to memorialize jazz history through the arts.  With film, theater, or any other art form as the canvas, CJI provides the artists’ oil to paint a picture of jazz culture in Charleston.  CJI has provided resources for a PBS film called Pumpkin Brown, a musical called “The Charleston” written by Hilton Head teacher Patti Maurer, and numerous other projects.  Dr. Chandler says they are “always looking for people who may have known some of these musicians . . . oral histories are really the centerpiece of our work.”


For more information on the Charleston Jazz Initiative and its projects, or to view some of their archived material, visit www.charlestonjazz.net .


How can you help?  CJI asks that anyone with any old photographs, recordings, memorabilia, or information related to the jazz movement in South Carolina or the Jenkins Orphanage Band, please contact them to share their resources.  CJI also accepts donations to help offset the costs incurred in hiring videographers for interviews, reproducing photographs, etc.


Sample #3:  Blog post for Summerville Trolley Tours

Tour Guide Tim Lowry, Storyteller Extraordinaire

If you haven’t heard him tell a story, you really must.  Award-winning Storyteller Tim Lowry is nationally known, and he’s Summerville’s own.  That’s right!  He travels the nation to storytelling events, is engaged by schools and other groups to share his southern wit and wisdom, and he is also a tour guide for Summerville Trolley Tours.  He can say the Lord’s Prayer in Gullah, as well as share local Gullah folk tales.  On Good Eats tours, you will hear how food is interwoven into our very social fabric in the south.  You’ll also stop at some of Tim’s favorite places around Summerville, which serve up delicious treats and sweet tea.

Tim recently performed his show, “Out’N’No Book,” at the James Dean Theater on Main Street on a Friday night.  It was recorded for the release of his new CD of the same title.  Appropriate for all ages, his stories evoked laughter, tears, and contemplation, sticking with the listeners long after that evening was over.  Those of us at Summerville Trolley Tours may be biased, since Tim is one of ours, but . . . nah.  Without bias, we can confidently tell you that this man has a gift!

Tim’s work on Summerville’s Sweet Tea Trail has been so instrumental in growing our tourism, that he won a prestigious award in the spring.  ConventionSouth Media Group bestowed the 2014 Southern Hospitality Recognition of Excellence Award upon Tim just a few months ago.

You can catch Tim on the Good Eats on the Sweet Tea Trail every third Friday of the month at 10:30 am, complete with straw hat, bow tie, and apron.   You can also check out his website at www.storytellertimlowry.com .


Want to see more samples?

Just ask.  I may have a sample that is more similar to your project.  You can also visit my author website at www.perrincothranconrad.com to find out about my books.

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